Recruitment Companies in Bristol

When it comes to professional and happy recruitment we believe:

  1. Right skills + right attitude. Businesses thrive when the right people with the right skills and the right attitudes come together with a common purpose. It’s what we strive for at ISL, and it’s what we deliver for our clients.
  2. Practice what you preach. To be a good recruitment partner look after your own people well. We work hard to deliver first class recruitment and employment processes ourselves, as well as for our clients. (We know we’re not perfect but we’ll share what we learn with you on our journey).
  3. Keep it personal. Enough of the recruitment robotics – successful recruitment is not a sterile numbers game. It’s about finding the right people for the roles through conversations and relationship building. So let’s not hide behind process and technology. Let’s talk.
  4. Don’t promise the moonClients value honesty, and honesty is more comfortable to deliver. If the brief is impossible, we’ll say so. Long term relationships over short term wins every time.
  5. Soft skills are as important as hard, technical skills, even in highly technical industries. We provide training for our staff and our candidates in the soft skills they need to become true trusted advisers.
  6. It’s a two way street. We all know that in good relationships both parties need to contribute. We do our best work when we contribute as consultative advisers, adding value through advice and sharing market knowledge. In return we want to move away from a transactional approach to recruitment, and for our clients to contribute through sharing their successes and concerns to help us better understand and know their organisation.
  7. Not cowboys. The recruitment industry is renowned for a certain stereotype, often coupled with bad practice tactics (it’s the same old story, a small group of people ruining it for the rest of us.). This is not us. We want to challenge the stereotype and show our clients how different and valuable recruitment can be.
  8. Be picky. We are. When it comes to recruiting our employees we have high standards, and won’t compromise. To find 4 excellent ISL trainees we received circa 400 applications… we can safely say that we understand how important it is to get the right people in the right roles. Finding the best talent is a challenge. We understand not wanting to compromise.

If what we believe in, aligns to what you believe, let’s talk! If you prefer to email us click here but really we love to chat, so call 0117 4280600 to make that happen.