ISL finds high quality chairmen, chief executives, managing directors, finance and HR directors

The need for high quality people in senior executive jobs has never been so important. ISL has extensive experience of recruiting people into leadership positions such as Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director, President and Vice President across all the sectors in which it recruits professional staff.

ISL has extensive experience recruiting senior executives

Our senior executive practice is headed by Geoff Keeys who has been advising Chairmen and Chief Executives (CEOs) and their boards in a wide variety of sectors on organisation issues, including recruitment, for over 30 years.

ISL follows a rigorous process that increases the effectiveness with which it finds the right people

The more senior the job, the more important it is to define and follow a process that recognises the needs of both the candidate and client. ISL’s approach to identifying and approaching candidates such as Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director, Finance and HR Director is tailored to each assignment. ISL works closely with both client and those seeking the job from drawing up the initial job and person specification to the day the successful candidate starts their new job. Our commitment is to contribute to the creation of a long term successful relationship by the design and implementation of a rigorous process. This results in ISL are becoming the trusted advisor to both client and candidate.

ISL is an expert in the use of social networks as well as the more traditional methods of search to find the best candidates

The growth of social networks and internet based advertising means traditional “search methodology” is often no longer appropriate or effective. At ISL, an employment agency in the Southwest, we have invested significant resources in understanding how making best use of this source of candidates and although we are perfectly capable of undertaking the more traditional approach we won’t recommend it just to make the assignment and our contribution to it seem more important. Whatever approach we propose and adopt is agreed with the client at the outset of the assignment. For further information about the recruitment of your Chairmen, Chief Executives, Managing Directors and Heads of Function speak to: Geoff KeeysHenry KeeysAlan Furley

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