You know you need to hire some great talent, but where do you start? How could you find these people and what challenges might you face along the way? How do you even know if what you want is out there? Who can give you the insight you need?

If you’re thinking about your hiring strategy right now then you might benefit from reviewing some of our blog posts. Maybe you’ll want to talk to one of our team in more detail, on the phone or in person, so we can share our expertise and make sure your objectives and actions are sense checked. If this is you then call 01174280600 or email here.

Maybe you’ve decided that you need a recruitment services partner but you’re lost with the multitude of companies in the market and find it difficult to differentiate them. We’re obviously one of those options but won’t claim to be the right fit for everyone. Our manifesto is a great way to understand how we think about recruitment.

If you want to talk about the recruitment options we have to see if they are the best fit for you then  0117 4280600 or email here. In the meantime here’s an outline of how we could help you execute a plan to find the right talent.

Contingency recruitment – Permanent and interim

This is our most common way of helping clients for the first time. We’ll talk to you about what you need, give you some guidance on the market, and then present a shortlist of qualified candidates that we have interviewed, who fit your requirements and have been briefed on what the opportunity means to them.

You might want us to do this exclusively or alongside other recruiters. Either way a dedicated consultant will work closely with you, making sure you get a personal service and don’t feel that you’ve engaged a machine that doesn’t respond to your needs.  We will be transparent with you about our capabilities and our chances of success.

We’ll arrange interviews for these candidates, with our consultant involved if you’d like, and aim to get you swiftly through the assessment process to find someone that meets your needs and who likes what you have to offer. We’ll help manage the offer process to secure the right person and then make sure we support you through that time before they join your team. Once they’re on board then we’ll step back but will happily continue to facilitate the on-boarding process.

Our fees are only payable once the right person has started for you and we have a fee structure to help mitigate some of the risk in a hire that doesn’t work out.

If you’re ready to get hiring then call us on 0117 428 0600 or email here.

Retained recruitment

If you’re serious about hiring and want to make sure that both sides are committed to seeing the process through to completion our retained service might be the best option.

As you will pay a proportion of our fee to engage us, we have greater scope to invest in an exhaustive research process. On paper the stages of the process won’t look a lot different to our contingency service, but what you’ll notice is that we can truly uncover the passive candidate market and reach talent that might not be easily found.

If this sounds like what you need to help secure a key hire then call us on 01174280600 or email here.


If you know that you’ll have an ongoing and substantial need then you might want to talk to us about running a recruitment campaign for you.

This could be ongoing advice and support on your direct hiring, contingency recruitment, retained searches, or perhaps a combination of these options.

Your account manager at ISL Recruitment will aim to be a true partner and trusted advisor to you. Whether that’s through spending regular time on site, managing other recruitment suppliers or simply being available to help you talk through your hiring challenges then our aim is to act as a seamless extension to your business.

If you have a long term need then call us on 01174280600 or email here and we’ll tailor something to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re still not sure how we might be able to help then read about how we’ve helped previous clients on our What Our Clients Say’ page. Or simply pick up the phone to us and we will come to see you, making sure that we can understand your specific needs and objectives before presenting the right option.