We love what we do and could talk for days about what we believe and how different we are to other Bristol recruitment agencies. But we appreciate that for you, what speaks volumes is hearing how our current clients describe us and what they say about their experience of working with us.

To give you a real insight into working with ISL, here’s some quotes from companies and candidates that we have worked with in recent months:


Working with ISL? It’s pretty seamless to be honest, I don’t really have to do a lot. Ultimately you listen to me and what I ask for you send.  You don’t just send me volume as you know I would rather have two great people than twenty mediocre.

I feel with ISL you get a solution that fits for you not necessarily a solution that fits for everybody. ISL has that personal touch, I would say you treat people they way you would expect to be treated yourself.


ISL are very helpful in providing market information. I feel confident to pick up the phone and ask Joe for advice, not related to the role he is working on, he is always happy to help and provide his insight.

ISL are honest about people, if they or I have a concern about a candidate we speak honestly about it, even if that means their candidate is not the right fit.


I have referred other people to ISL and I describe you as more human which may sound a strange comment but it’s due to the fact you are different from the slightly robotic bullish ‘we can do anything and don’t worry about it’ approach. I feel you actually listen to my questions, and are being honest with me, and not just telling me what I want to hear, which is so often how it feels when I deal with other recruiters.

Your honest appraisal of the market and the information given back is very good, you are also able to indicate if what we are looking for is realistic. We are a manufacturing and design company and don’t know what the hiring market is like, so we find that added information incredibly valuable.


The best way to describe it, is that it’s how I wish all Bristol recruitment agencies worked.

ISL understood what I was looking for better than the other recruiters, they listened and reacted accordingly. When I deal with Jon he questions me and suggests new ideas, it’s nice that there isn’t a robot on the other end of the phone, but rather someone who will respond to me rather than just go ahead and process. I feel with ISL that I have a human/personal touch and connection, rather than dealing with a recruitment robot.

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